High House - Information for Members


External Bookings / More Information

If you are a non member interested in booking High House, or want to find out more about facilities at High House, please go to  http://highhouseborrowdale.co.uk/  or use the link below

Staying at High House - Information for Members

High House is a restored and converted 16th/17th century farmhouse situated near the hamlet of Seathwaite in Borrowdale. It is reserved for Fellfarers and their guests at all Bank Holidays, and many other weekends and weeks throughout the year.  

The History of High House

The history of High House as a building, and of its occupants - by Hugh Taylor

Oread Bunkhouses

We have reciprocal rights with Oread (and therefore access to their bunkhouses in Baslow in Derbyshire and Rhyd Ddu in Snowdonia

Staying at High House (The Hut)

  • High house is reserved solely for Fellfarers and their guests at all Bank Holidays, and many other weekends and weeks throughout the year. 
  • Members may also stay in the members room when other clubs have booked High House (unless the club have paid for exclusive use).
  • Information about availability is on the calendar page.
  • Access to High House is via a key safe - the code is communicated to members by email when changed or can be obtained by contacting a member of committee. 
  • Children of members, when accompanied by a parent or by a responsible adult nominated by a parent, may also use High House free of charge. 
  • Each member may take up to 2 guests to High House, for which a charge is levied. This should be paid to any committee member, or sent to the Treasurer. Any child of 5 years of age or over, who is not the child of a member, is considered to be a guest and the full guest night fee is payable. 
  • If a member wishes to take more than 2 guests mid-week (Monday to Thursday nights inclusive), they may book High House on the same basis as an external group but for a discounted rate of approx 50%. The same rules apply as to external groups 



  • A couple are both members and they have two children. The couple can stay at High House with their children and no charge is payable. They can take another couple and their two children as their 4 guests, plus more of their children providing they are under 5 years of age.
  • A mother is a member and she has three children. They can all stay at High House and no charge is payable. The mother can take another couple as her two guests, but not their children unless they are both under 5. Alternatively, she could take one parent and one child over 5 as her guests, but not one parent and two children over 5.